Bufete Rodríguez-Monsalve was founded in Valladolid in 1914 by Santiago Rodríguez Monsalve and from the first years has stood out nationwide for the assessment it has provided in tort and civil responsibility law and in real estate and planning. During last years, the adaptation to the market´s needs has contributed that the firm provides an assessment more specialized every day in other fields/areas of law, becoming a multidisciplinary law firm offering a complete and specialized legal to both individuals and companies around Spain and abroad.

Bufete Rodríguez-Monsalve is made up of lawyers highly specialized and with a huge experience not only in the legal advice and monitoring of any kind of legal matter, but also in the intervention before the Judges and Courts, as well as public bodies of local and national Administration, and provides legal advice in Spanish, English, Polish, Russian and Ukrainian languages.

The current director of Bufete Rodríguez-Monsalve is José Rodríguez-Monsalve Garrigós, who started the professional practice in 1975.

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